2-way processed active enclosure

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  • These systems can be used as full-range in a variety of applications. They feature woofers with neodymium magnets, carbon fiber-reinforced cones, 4' ISV coils wound internally and externally on the former, double demodulating rings, double silicon spiders and a water repellent protective treatment. High frequencies are reproduced by a large-format driver, featuring a moving coil with high power handling coupled to a rotatable horn with a 1.5' throat. The high frequency driver is combined with a thick aluminum progressive waveguide with constant directivity: excellent directivity control, regular frequency response and low distortion are the features that enable these devices to reach high-end performance with excellent sound quality. The systems can be equipped with a 60° x 40° waveguide (C12A64) or, on demand, with a 90° x 60° waveguide (C12A96).

    [Connectors: IN - LINK: XLR M - XLR F
    MAIN: PowerCon® (NAC3MPA)
    MAIN LINK: PowerCon® (NAC3MPB)]
    [Dimensions (W x H x D): 41 x 63 x 37.8 cm]
    [Input Sensitivity: LINE: +4 dBu / 1.25 V]
    [Power consumption: 510 VA (1/8 max output power)]
    [Low Frequency Device: 12'' neodymium woofer - 4' VC]
    [Trapezoidal taper: 20°]
    [Mounting Pole: 1]
    [Amplifier Continuous Power: 1000 W + 500 W bi-amp]
    [Frequency response: 60 Hz - 18 kHz (-3 dB, +6 dB)]
    [Maximum (peak) Output:130 ]
    [Weight:32.5 lb ]
    [Cooling: Heat sink and variable speed DC fan]
    [Maximum Power Consumption: 2000 VA]
    [Directivity Index (DI): 4.9 or 6 average, 630 Hz to 18 kHz]
    [Angolar coverage: 60° x 40° (C12A64) 90° x 60° (C12A96) rotatable]
    [System type: 2-way processed active enclosure]
    [Input Impedance: LINE: 20 kohm balanced, 10 kohm unbalanced]
    [High Frequency Device: 1.5'' compression driver - titanium diaphragm - 3' VC]
    [Power Supply: 230 V AC 50Hz or 117 V AC 60 Hz]
    [Flying System: 7 x Fly tracks]
    [Cabinet Colour: Black]
    [Construction: trapezoidal, 15 mm birch plywood, internally reinforced]

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