Compact 2 x 10” Passive Two-way Full Range Loudspeaker

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  • The ED210P offers great performance from an arrayable vertically-orientated trapezoidal cabinet with a choice of dispersion patterns to suit a range of portable and fixed installations applications. Its 90° horizontal by 60° vertical coverage pattern can be rotated through 90°, providing
    the optimum coverage for the chosen application and allowing it to mounted horizontally while maintaining the wide coverage.

    The bi-amped configuration allows for optimisation of each drive unit with PROEL’s DSP controlled amplifiers such as the AXIOM QC2.4.

    Flying track is integrated into the birch plywood cabinet for easy loudspeaker cluster assembly, and a pole mount is also included for mobile applications.

    System’s Acoustic Principle 2-way vented enclosure
    Frequency Response (±6dB) 65 Hz - 18 kHz (-3 dB, +6 dB)
    Nominal Impedance 8 Ohm + 8 Ohm
    Horizontal Coverage Angle 90° average, from 1 kHz to 20 kHz
    Vertical Coverage Angle 60° average, from 1 kHz to 20 kHz
    HF Sensitivity 110 dB SPL (2.83 V @ 1 m)
    LF Sensitivity 97 dB SPL (2.83 V @ 1 m)
    Maximum (peak) Output 130 dB SPL
    HF 1.4" neodymium driver - 2.4" voice coil
    LF 2 x 10" neodymium woofer - 2.5" voice coil
    Connector Type  Neutrik® Speakon® NL4MP x 2
    Power rating (AES) 70 W + 600 W (600W passive)
    Power rating (program) 140 W + 1200 W (1200 passive)
    Width 36 cm
    Height 86 cm
    Depth 32 cm
    Enclosure Material 15mm birch plywood, internally reinforced
    Paint Black water based paint
    Flying system Flytracks
    Net Weight 32 kg (70.5 lbs)
    Data Sheet
    ED210P.pdfTechnical Data Sheet