12/02/2014 » Panama City hosts the Pro Audio Proel technical training.


With the special partnership of SUPRO MUNDIAL, the Proel distributor in Panama, on December 5, Proel organised a technical training specifically dedicated to the Pro Audio. The event in Panama City was attended by many teachers and students of the University of Panama and audio technicians of University Philharmonic Orchestra. Several topics were covered during the training, starting from the specifications of the electrical distribution system for a “Line Array system”, the power supply standards present in locations to set up and the methods for fixing the most common problems. 

From electrical standards to the cabling of Proel amplification racks, the conference went to the detailed specifications of the AX2010P and SW218P speaker models and related electro-acoustic principles, to focus attention on the differences in high and low frequency directivity in a “Line Array system” and on the modelling and aiming of the system. From theory to practice, the analysis continued with the use of EASE Focus, the acoustic simulation software for the aiming of a line array system, and the PRONET software used to control Proel processors, with a specific demonstration of “Phase alignment“ between AXIOM Subs and Top speakers and equalisation, monitoring and real-time control tools of the system.

For the technical training, the following products were used:

  • 8 x AX2010P, 2 x 10” Line Array module;
  • 2 x KPTAX20P, Flying Bar;
  • 2 x SW218P, 2 x 18” Sub;
  • 6 x HPD3400PFC, 2 x 1700W Power amplifier;
  • 1 x PC260, 2 In / 6 Out Digital Audio processor;
  • 1 x USB2CAN, USB – CANBUS converter;

Gerardo Vernaza, audio technician at the University Philharmonic Orchestra, excitedly said "The Axiom Proel system fully meets the amplification needs of the Orchestra, combining safety during installation with great sound quality during performances." 

In brief - concludes Vernaza - the acquisition of the new system of sound reinforcement by the University of Panama for the Philharmonic Orchestra offered an advanced tool to accomplish our mission."

For the importance and great success of the event, Proel thanks all the staff members at Supro Mundial, in particular Mr. Olmedo Correa and Ivan Chong, the University Philharmonic Orchestra and the faculty and students present at the event.