08/04/2014 » Pro Audio AXIOM shows up at Karl Marx Theatre in Cuba


Pro Audio AXIOM shows up to the Cuban public on April 8, a very important day for Proel given the special guests present at the event and the historical importance of the chosen location, the Karl Marx Theatre in Havana.

With an auditorium with 5,500 seats, the Karl Marx, named so in the Cuban Revolution of 1959, is the largest theatre in Cuba and has been and still is the location of the most important events in the country. From singer-songwriters such as Carlos Varela, Silvio Rodriguez and Pablo Milanes to the extraordinary concert of the Welsh rock band "Manic Street Preachers", great internationally renowned artists have graced the stage of the historic theatre in Havana. Fidel Castro himself chose the Karl Marx to make some of the most important speeches to the country, such as that in January 2004, on the occasion of the 45th anniversary of the Cuban Revolution.

Presenting an AXIOM system for the first time in Cuba on a stage of this magnitude was a source of great pride for PROEL and the staff present at the event, who for the demo chose to set up a system with 22 line array modules and 8 subs:

  • 22 AX2010A - 2x10” Powered Line Array module 
  • 08 SW218A - 2x18” Powered Sub-woofer 

A configuration for a great event and a high-level acoustic project, which required a full day's work by technicians with the use of EASE Focus 2 software for aiming of the system and PROEL Pronet for the remote control of parameters. The result satisfied the technicians completely and amazed the audience with the surprising sound pressure and excellent sound quality.

The demo, organised in partnership with the distributor BETAMUSIC, featured the special participation of the President of PROEL Spa, FABRIZIO SORBI.

For the great success of the event, PROEL thanks all the staff members of BETAMUSIC, especially Giancarlo Fabri and Mauricio, the owner of the rental "OK music", for the cooperation and high professionalism provided by him and his team.