30/10/2012 » Axiom System in the Adventist Church in Helsinki.


The Seventh-day Adventist Church in Helsinki (Finland) has chosen the Axiom system for speech and live music.
The Axiom System consists eight pieces of AX2265P Line array modules and two pieces of AX1115SP flying subwoofers.
AX2265P is a compact module for under-dimensioned Vertical Arrays that will surprise with their quality and high pressures. AX2265P is a 2-way bi-amplifiable system designed for permanent installations. It features two mid-low 6.5 loudspeakers with neodymium magnet, aluminium coil and single demodulating ring.
Essential to complete the system, the AX1115SP is a compact direct radiation bass-reflex subwoofer. AX1115SP can be suspended and complements AX2265P units both for suspended and stacked arrays, yielding coherent bass frequency reproduction, thus creating a 3-way system with a remarkable performance-dimension ratio.
The leading pastor of the church was very impressed for the sound quality and small size of the system which has been used for speech and live music.
Installation by Noretron Audio Ltd.