15/01/2013 » Demos and workshops in Ecuador and Colombia


The quick development of the professional audio technology and the research of advanced solutions for entertainment and installations make the workshops and demos function even more important. Their purpose is to explain to experts, technicians and enthusiasts all the features of our new products as well as the latest news regarding R&D. For these reasons, but also driven by our passion, some workshops were organized in Ecuador and Columbia at the seats of three very important Proel distributors from 28th November to 3rd December 2012.

In Quito, In Ecuador, at the “Prometeo” theatre, the first workshop took place in cooperation with our distributor IMPORTMUSIC. This workshop was the chance to present the Sound System news (new Mi series, WM series, FREE series and HPX amplifiers series); the Public Address catalogue with the digital matrix PA MATRIX88 and the digital conference system PA CONFD; the Pro Audio with a demo of the new Axiom AX2010P (system of No. 4 speakers per side) with EDGESW118P (No. 1 subwoofer per side) amplified through HPD3400PFC (made in Italy) and processed by PC260.
Again in Ecuador, in Ambato, at the new headquarters of our distributor CASA MUSICAL NUÑEZ, there was the second workshop dedicated to the new Public Address catalogue, Sound System and Pro Audio.Also in this case, the workshop was the chance to present the same products already shown at the “Prometeo” theatre of Quito a few days before.

In Colombia, in Bogota, with the cooperation of our distributor YAMAKI SAS, three intensive sessions were organized from 1st to 3rd December. A session dedicated to installers, engineers and System Integrators, focused only on Public Address and Professional Audio for fixed installations, took place at the YAMAKI SAS auditorium. Particularly during the first session, the following products were presented and shown in details 8-ZONE VOICEMUSIC MATRIX; CONFERENCE SYSTEM CONFD; 8-ZONE MUSIC and ANNOUNCEMENT CONTROL SYSTEM; AXIOM SYSTEM for fixed installations.
In the afternoon, the workshop moved to the new YAMAKI SAS shop in the centre of Bogota, the biggest in Colombia.Dedicated to retailers and customers, the second session was mainly focused on the news of the Sound System field new Mi series mixers, WM series, FREE series and HPX series amplifiers.
The third session took place at the Faculty of Audio Engineering“San Buenaventura” of Bogota and was dedicated to Pro Audio only. The session was divided into two parts a first theoretical part, at the lecture room of the University, where engineers, technicians, rental companies, installers and students took part in it; a second practical part, outdoor, where a stage with live music was prepared for this special event. This session rounded off the successful workshops tour in South America.