11/01/2016 » Axiom Helps Ring The Changes in Argentina


Everything is set to change in Argentina.

Mauricio Macri, the newly sworn-in president of Argentina, has wasted no time in catalysing political transformation in the shape of slashing export taxes, ending a controversial agreement with Iran, and devaluing the Argentine peso to lose nearly a third of its value against the dollar.

News of these momentous initiatives was delivered by Macri on December 10th in a speech to an audience of several thousand in front of the Congreso de la Nación Argentina  – with sound reinforcement by a Proel Axiom line array system from DSPTech Solutions, the largest audio-visual rental company in Buenos Aires.

DSPTech has a long standing relationship with the centre-left / centre-right Cambiemos (literal translation: 'Let's Change') political coalition, having worked for them before through the Congress Rental Network, a worldwide coalition of top quality companies equipped with the latest congress equipment.

"We've supplied all their presentation and event requirements for many years," says DSPTech owner and chief sound engineer Lucas Tasso, "including the Eva Perón monument presentation in 2011. We were asked to provide audio and video to relay the swearing-in proceedings of the new president conducted inside the congress hall to the crowds outside."

Tasso and systems tech Juan Manuel Palacios decided on left / right hangs of 12 Axiom 2010A powered dual 10-inch line array modules in front of the Palace. No subwoofers were used, as the coupling between the boxes gives low frequency extension comfortably down to 70Hz. An announcement microphone was set up at the top of the steps along with a pair of Axiom CX15A powered 15-inch wedges for occasional speeches.

"We only had about four hours to rig the PA and video and get the system set up," explains Tasso. "Our brief was to cover an area in front of the Palace up to about 150 metres, including the park area with a fountain. In fact we were able to reach 200 metres easily with SPL of 90dB at 150 metres, and only needed to make a few adjustments to deal with the natural reflections from the buildings and the fountain.

"The client was very happy with every aspect of the job. We were congratulated on the speed of setup and the sound quality of the Axiom line array."