25/02/2016 » Proel is Ready To Go with Axiom In Mexico


In collaboration with Mexican distributor Gonher Distribuidora, Proel presented a pro audio seminar on Tuesday 26th January at the SUTM Gran Forum in Mexico City. Entitled 'Sound System Optimisation' the seminar, marking Proel's 25th anniversary year, featured a demonstration of Axiom Line Array systems and a talk by senior loudspeaker designer and audio consultant Mario Di Cola.

Gonher sales and marketing manager Antonio Manzo explains that over 300 audio professionals from all market sectors attended the seminar as a result of an extensive invitation campaign via the company's database and social media channels: "We were very happy to have attracted so many active participants in pro audio – including rental companies, sound engineers, systems technicians, installation companies, musicians, and students. The number of attendees exceeded our expectations by far, and demonstrates the considerable interest in Axiom systems among customers – many of whom have not heard of the brand before now – that we are seeing in our market."

Export Manager Gabriella Di Giminiani opened the seminar with an introduction on Proel history, the Proel Group companies worldwide, and the creation of the Axiom brand and summary of the Axiom line array, point source, subwoofer, and electronics products, and their real world applications.

Mario Di Cola, who has 25 years experience in large scale loudspeaker systems design and who cooperates with many professional sound rental companies, then presented an overview of sound system design topics including the fundamentals of measurement systems, FFT analysis, time and subwoofer alignment methods, subwoofer directivity and configurations for pattern control, and system tuning.

A practical demonstration of six AX2010A active line array elements mounted on lift towers and three SW218A subwoofers per side run from a Midas Pro2 console followed the theoretical presentation, with a focus on the technical aspects of individual Axiom line array and point source products.

"I was impressed and delighted to experience the perfect organization of the event by our distributor Gonher, as well as the high participation of so many experts in this field of the audio business, all of them being not only extremely attentive listeners but also an interested and interactive audience." said Gabrielle Di Giminiani. "My feeling is that we are ready to enter the Mexican market, having the right partner and the right attention."

"The feedback from this seminar was very positive," agrees Antonio Manzo. "Many well-known sound engineers attended and were impressed with the sound quality and functionality of the Axiom line array. As a result of this event we have already presented many system quotes to prospective customers and expect to gain further sales prospects for the brand."