09/06/2016 » The New AX800A Compact Line Array


The newest addition to the Axiom professional loudspeaker range is now shipping!   Designed for live shows where a big response is needed from a compact system – such as rock music and for dance club applications – and for fixed installations requiring a cost effective and high performance system, the AX800A compact line array is   very easy to set up, is very lightweight, and therefore easy to transport.

Featuring two 8-inch low frequency drivers and a 1.4-inch high frequency compression driver in a moulded polypropylene enclosure, the two-way AX800A offers the most advanced technical solutions to be found in this class of product. It is sure to become a vital component of many rental companies' inventory due to its stylish design and simplicity of operation, and   is applicable to many different sound reinforcement situations – such as medium sized indoor and outdoor events, small festivals, corporate events, and even as delays or outfills on larger shows. In the permanently installed sound system sector, the AX800A is ideal for theatre, houses of worship, live music venues and small clubs, theme parks, leisure and sports facilities, and retail spaces. 

The low frequency drivers are back loaded by an acoustic transmission line for a significant reduction in low frequencies at the rear of the cabinet, creating natural cardioid behaviour and therefore clean mid-bass reproduction.

Powering the AX800A is a tried and tested DA series Class D switchmode amplifier module that is used in many of the other powered Axiom loudspeaker products, and in this configuration it is optimised to deliver 900 watts to both LF drivers and 200 watts to the compression driver. The AX800A delivers an impressive 132dB maximum SPL, with a frequency range of 85Hz to 16.8kHz over a horizontal coverage angle of 100°, and is designed to partner with the dedicated dual 18-inch powered manifolded bandpass SW1800A in both portable and permanently installed applications. Both products are networkable using Proel's proprietary PRONET software, which enables editing and remote monitoring of a range of operating parameters such as levels, EQ, delay, and compression from a single remote location. 

Array optimised presets are loaded into the AX800A amplifier’s powerful 40 bit 96kHz CORE Processing DSP, allowing for standard line array coupling, long throw, or single box use, and a user preset is also available for custom settings. 
A comprehensive range of accessories is available for the most demanding portable applications, including the KTPAX800 flybar for flying up to four cabinets and the KTPAX800L for flying arrays of up to 12 cabinets; the KPAX8 pole adapter allowing two cabinets to be mounted on a speaker pole or above a subwoofer; a flight case housing four AX800A cabinets; and rain covers for the AX800A and SW1800A. 

Watch the AX800A video here.