09/01/2017 » Axiom Compact Line Array Ensures Better Sound for Thai Life Insurance


Proel has supplied a complete and unique sound and lighting system at the headquarters of the Thai Life Insurance company in Bangkok, Thailand.

Founded in 1942, it is one of the largest insurance companies in Thailand and is known for producing some of the most consistently brilliant television advertising campaigns in the Asian region. The company's multi-purpose auditorium was recently given a complete upgrade of its audio and lighting system, enabling further usage such as hosting conferences, workshops, theatre events, recitals, and general purpose live music performances.

The auditorium itself is a rectangular room with an approximate surface area of 1500 sq metres, but with a rather high reverberation time which required some acoustic treatment before work on the audio and lighting commenced. The audio system was designed by Proel's technical sales engineer Daniele Massaccesi, who opted for an Axiom mid-sized flown line array system supplemented by point source models for near field coverage.

"Considering the size of the room and the long reverberation time, we recommended a true vertical array as the main sound system so as to be able to control the vertical coverage angle over the whole audio range down to the lowest frequencies," he said. "And to provide good coverage at the front of the auditorium we suggested compact passive point source loudspeakers across the front of the stage to maintain a correct sound balance for the first few rows and be visually unobtrusive."

The main speaker system consisted of 12 AX2065P dual 6.5" passive line array elements, flown six per side with a single SW215 subwoofer at the top of each array. Six ED25P passive dual 5" loudspeakers are spaced evenly across the stage lip for near field coverage. "The acoustic sum of front fill and main PA system delivered consistent sound balance and more stable SPL coverage throughout the auditorium, while flying the subwoofers ensured the minimum variation of low frequency coverage from front to back of the long room," said Massaccesi.

HPX4600 and HPX6000 amplifiers powered the entire speaker system, and two PC260 controllers provided system control for the main PA and front fills respectively. Stage monitoring was provided by six WD15A floor monitors.

"The client had no prior knowledge of our technologies and software tools that we have at our disposal to aid in the design process, and so it was a rare accasion to be able develop a full 360° technical support solution for the customer, involving our proprietary PRONET control software in conjunction with the PC260 system controller as well mapping the expected sound coverage using EASE 4.4 and EASE Focus." he commented.