03/02/2017 » Major PRONET Software Upgrade Launched


Proel has launched a major upgrade of its PRONET remote control software. Based on the stable and reliable CAN BUS communication protocol, PRONET AX enables remote control of all AXIOM powered loudspeakers, DSP amplifiers, and system controllers in a network of devices equipped with the CORE DSP platform.

The new PRONET AX software offers a totally redesigned user interface with improved object identification and management – thanks to color-coded items, intuitive icons and panels, desktop grid, and docking Editor Panel.

Three different operating modes are provided: SETUP, EDIT, and LIVE; these can be chosen depending on whether systems are to be set up for the first time, units are to be edited individually, or operated under live conditions; and on the operations to be performed on the loudspeaker system.

The interface allows different choices of information or features to be displayed or selected on the unit’s control panels (for example Find / Name / Preset / Signal), and provides a method of fast Group assignment. The software allows the easy creation of arrays of different models of AXIOM loudspeakers, and global control of volume, mute and EQ functions for each array.

PRONET AX features a desktop-based operating mode known as SYNC DOWN, which provides the possibility to edit systems offline and download parameters to the connected units when going online. The possibility to read the parameters from the connected system is maintained with the READ UP mode.

Snapshots of the entire system can be loaded or saved, including not only a specific unit's position on the desktop but also all the parameters of the whole system.
The PRONET AX software can be downloaded after registration from the MY AXIOM area of the Axiom website.