11/10/2017 » Axiom Goes Further at Musik Manila


Proel's Axiom professional loudspeaker brand made a dramatic entrance into the Philippines pro audio market in August with a loudspeaker system demonstration and shoot-out. Held at Manila's World Trade Centre the event was organised by Proel's distributor Techno Xtreme Sports and Music (trading as One World Music and Sports in the domestic market) who are based in Valenzuela City, Manila, and was attended by Axiom Sales Engineer Daniele Massaccesi, along with OWMS's owner Allan Pier Chua and Axiom product specialist Rodel Alvior.

Demonstrated alongside mono clusters of many of the better known line array brands, the single hang of four Axiom AX12C column arrays occupied a mere fraction of the horizontal space on the shoot-out stage, supported in the low frequency range by two SW2100A powered subwoofers. With a total power of only 6kW, the AX12C system was easily able to throw to the extremities of the venue space measuring approximately 60 metres by 25 metres. Audience reaction was one of surprise – especially that the AX12C column contains no compression drivers at all, and that the system was able to cover such a wide area from such a small box.

Based on a vertical array of 12 cone transducers, the AX12C makes effective use of diffraction waveguides placed in front of the drive units to stop horizontal dispersion collapsing with increasing frequency. Continuing the company's frequent implementation of Transmission Line Back Loading by clever design of the slim extruded aluminium housing, bass energy is considerably reduced where it is not wanted behind the array. Providing exceptional speech articulation in a single column without compression drivers, the AX12C crosses over at 180Hz to the very compact single 21" loaded SW2100A Class D powered subwoofer, which provides 2000 watts to the internal 21-inch drive unit and 2000 watts for up to four connected AX12C modules.

"We were very surpised at the peformance of the AX12C column array," says Allan Pier Chua, "and it has generated such immediate interest that we are confident of several system sales to PA rental companies in the coming weeks. The market potential for the Axiom brand here in the Philippines is substantial and we'd like to thank the Axiom team for providing such a convincing demonstration."