04/04/2018 » Axiom Line Arrays' Sound Quality for Hai Phong City Conference Centre


A new Axiom sound reinforcement system has been installed at the Conference Centre of Nhà khách Hải Quân (Naval Guesthouse) in Hai Phong City, Vietnam. The guesthouse, which is owned by the Hai Thanh Sea Island Tourism Service Company, is a new build four-storey venue, used for conferences, meetings, events, and weddings.

Axiom's distributor in Vietnam, Viet Thai An Trading Company Ltd, won a competitive bid on price and a good customer referral to manage the project, which they did with a specification that included AX800A compact powered line arrays and AX2010A powered line arrays for the second, third and fourth floor large conference rooms. In addition, in order to achieve a pleasing aesthetic all of the the boxes are finished in white to make them blend in well with the decor. Sound designer (and director of Viet Thai An Trading) Mr Nguyen Ngoc Trung opted for eight AX2010A powered cabinets for the third and fourth floor rooms, both systems matched with two SW218A powered subwoofers on the ground. For the second floor conference room, the chosen system was eight AX800A compact powered speakers with SW1800A subwoofers. "My objective was to improve the sound system’s quality throughout the venue, and by doing so increase the enjoyment of the guests," he comments.

"The installation took longer than we anticipated – seven months in all – because we were obliged to accomodate the building construction team. But by separating our work into smaller tasks we were able to work alongside the builders and electricians. We're very happy with the choice of speakers – they have the power, the coverage, and the right price that met with the investors' budget expectation. The audio performance is really good, covering every part of the guesthouse. Guests can hear the audio clearly with good quality from anywhere in the venue."

Mr Nguyen Hai Ninh, director of Hai Thanh Sea Island Tourism Service Company, said: “The sound quality is much better than we expected. We have already received good feedback from guests, with a lot of event bookings happening as a result. This make me very happy, and we hope to involve Viet Thai An Trading in our next project. Thank you so much for supplying us this really good system."