26/07/2018 » Tugasounds Supports Club Santacruzense 25th Anniversary with Axiom


Tugasounds has supplied provided sound, lighting and staging production services for an event celebrating the 25th anniversary of the Club Santacruzense de Londres in Battersea in May sponsored by the Portugese newspaper Jornal da Madeira. In the presence of the President of Madeira, around 600 people enjoyed the music of popular Portugese singer Vania Fernandes and her band, as well as folk artists Grupo Tradicoes de Portugal, Puxa-o-fole, and Claudia Marlene.

Based in Croydon, South London, Tugasounds has strong links with the Portugese community in London and around the UK, and frequently supports events with an easily portable, high power Axiom PA system that is also used to collaborate with the most famous Portugese singer in Madeira, Ruben Aguiar.

Tugasounds' owner and director Ricardo Afonso configured the PA with two stacks each of three AX2010A powered dual 10-inch line array cabinets on top of two SW218A powered dual 18-inch subwoofers each side of the 6m by 4m stage. "the audience coverage was great, and we had plenty of SPL – in fact the council asked us to turn it down on a couple of occasions," he says. "Although the weather was generally fine we did get a totally unexpected thunderstorm and a heavy downpour in the afternoon. We unplugged all the cables for safety but there was no chance to cover the cabinets. However in just over an hour the paint finish had dried out completely, which says a lot about the excellent construction and weather resistance of these loudspeakers. Back at the shop a day later we connected it all up and everything was working fine. I'm really impressed with the quality of the Axiom boxes, and you can be sure we will be using them a lot this summer."