11/08/2020 » SANECORE AUDIO brings Axiom Pro Audio to Hezheng Rd. Primary School Multifunctional Room.


Hezheng Rd. Primary School (Lanzhou) is one of the most important schools in the Chinese province of Gansu.  The School pays close attention to providing quality education for its students. The school features a multifunctional didactic room used by students and teachers for artistic exhibition, official announcements, interactions with various institutions and other multifunctional needs.

In order to improve the audio coverage in all the areas, and to guarantee an adequate and uniform sound pressure in the whole listening area, the design team conducted an analysis concerning the sound reinforcement in the room, together with all the related integration factors. In the end they choose Axiom Pro Audio as the sound system and Xilica brand as the processing system.

Active line array AX800A has been selected as the main PA, divided into two clusters of four units, positioned at the sides of the stage. Thanks to its WTW configuration and its curve ability, AX800A is able to grant a wide and uniform sound range for each listening area. For the low frequency reinforcement the team selected the active subwoofer SW1800A, particularly suitable for small and medium theatres, multifunctional rooms, auditoriums, etc… .

Two ED120A point-source active speakers have been installed as reinforcement for the room’s central zone. Thanks to their asymmetrical rotatable horns, ED120A permitted an optimal dispersion and audience coverage even if installed in a horizontal position.

Four more ED120A have been installed as reinforcement for the rear seats.

For the stage monitoring, the team selected two coaxial CX15A monitor speakers, characterised by their extremely high definition and outstanding headroom. This model reduces the risk of Larsen effect on the stage.

"We are sure that this system offer the best audio conditions for this structure” Sanecore declared.