16/02/2021 » Axiom Pro Audio installed at Qinghua University Biomedical Study Center 


Qinghua University is a well-known institution of higher learning in China. It is located in the beautiful Qinghua Park in the northwestern suburbs of Beijing. It is an important base for the training of high-level talents for scientific and technological research in China.

The Qinghua University Biomedical Study Center is located in the northwestern part of the campus, and it serves as scientific teaching and research. 

The school has set up multi-functional halls and sound systems to meet the needs of academic seminars, training and medium and large conferences, to help them reach the international advanced first-class level's.

Adhering to the functional requirements put forward by the University, the design team selected the configuration and repeated tests after on-site survey, and finally chose AXIOM as the main sound reinforcement system.

The main sound reinforcement system uses two AX12C high-output column line array speakers installed on both sides of the large display screen.

AX12C is a high-power passive column line array speaker, which suits perfectly the projects with high acoustic requirements. The appearance is also a perfect solution for sound reinforcement applications in fixed installations with strict visual requirements as well. 

AX12C is composed of 12 x 3.5" neodymium woofers arranged in a vertical array configuration, and each woofer is loaded on the front diffractive waveguide, to deliver a wide horizontal dispersion.

The cabinet shell is made of die-cast aluminum, and the post-loading waveguide transmission line design is formed through clever structural design, forming a natural heart-shaped sound field, so as to achieve clean and accurate mid-bass reproduction, and to a large extent reduce the excess of the back of the sound column low frequency feedback.

The main sound reinforcement system also uses two AX6C high-output column line array speakers installed on both sides of the multifunctional hall.

The AX6C line array is a passive system, equipped with six 3.5" neodymium speaker units with waterproof woofers. Designed for mobile sound reinforcement and permanent installation applications that require high voice clarity. The aluminum frame structure ensures lightness and strength, and the shape uses the same acoustic transmission backloading line as in the AX12C. 

The AX6C column array module is an excellent solution for fixed installation, independent or multi-column systems for front fill or angle installation of roof and wall, and for stage return solutions.

Axiom is officialy distributed in China by the company Sanecore Audio, member of IAG Group.

Sanecore’s team has carefully supervised both commerical and technical activties to bring a peferct solution for the Qinghua University requirements related to this project.