13/07/2021 » UPDATE YOUR AXIOM


NEW Firmware and DSP Presets are now available for all AXIOM Variable Curvature Line Arrays and all related Subwoofers.

Axiom preserves your investment over time

This update represents a combination of improved processing techniques by AXIOM’s R&D department and valuable feedbacks received directly from AXIOM’s users on the field. It is one of the hallmarks of AXIOM policy to continuously support both current and past AXIOM loudspeakers, thus preserve the investments of AXIOM users over time.

List of improvements

  • The new factory presets feature now harmonized subwoofer phase responses for excellent mutual-coupling. This allows different combinations among AXIOM’s Line Arrays and Subwoofers. Optimized acoustic summation in the sub/sat crossover region is perfectly respected when the loudspeaker enclosures are at the same geometric position with coplanar front faces. This represents the historical AXIOM pre-aligned system concept which is the best prerequisite for an easy and effective time alignment, with or without any advanced acoustic measurement system

  • The new AXIOM harmonized Phase response policy allows the standard factory presets to ensure optimum coupling and seamless transition along the hybrid Array System, without additional processing or measurements. This update makes AX2065A not only a compact stand-alone line array system, but also an effective down-fill element for AX2010

  • The new library is now in line with users’ most important feedbacks. AXIOM adds a valuable contribute from users to enhance the already recognized ease of EQing and adaptive skills to different tonal tastes.

    The updated voicing is the result of what AXIOM’s users reported in many years of cooperation and experiences, made in different venues, with several music genres in live concerts, installations and demos.

    Products subject to the update:

    • AX2010A             Dual 10”, Vertical Array Element
    • AX2065A             Dual 6.5” Vertical Array Element
    • AX800A                Dual 8” Vertical Array Element
    • SW36XFA            Dual 18” Flyable Sub
    • SW218XA            Dual 18” Floor Sub
    • SW215FA            Dual 15” Flyable Sub
    • SW215A              Dual 15” Floor Sub
    • SW1800A            Dual 18” Floor Sub

    This update of DSP parameters is available in two different ways:

  • Firmware update, that will replace the original factory presets stored in the non-erasable memory
  • Preset files, that can be loaded from PC into the devices and stored in the user memory
  • Firmware files, Preset files and help guides can be downloaded from the “My AXIOM” area in the AXIOM website. To enter in the “My AXIOM area, you need to create an account and log in. Both Firmware update and new Preset loading can be done through “PronetAX” remote control software.”

    Discover the new Firmware and presets here

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