12/10/2023 » Discover the latest AXIOM GLL Loudspeaker definition files


AXIOM Engineering Team announces the release of a new set of GLL files for EASE Focus3, the most famous and appreciated leading 3D acoustic simulation software platform developed by AMFG® Germany.

It is always recommended to download the latest version of EASE Focus along with its latest AXIOM GLL files, given that that all line array applications should be always supported by a software modeling.

The new acoustical and physical datasets are related to SW21000A, AX800ANEO, AX1012, AX16CL, AX8CL, and are also valid for electro-acoustic and room acoustic simulations given by EASE4 and EASE5.

The new release is now available on the AXIOM website in the “My AXIOM” download area as a free download in a unique installation package which includes the last version of EASE Focus v3 1.220.


The update of GLL data can be implemented in two ways: either by simply importing the new GLL files into an existing EASE Focus 3 setup, or by re-installing the ease Focus3 software contained in the zipped download package which includes the new data files (EASE_Focus_v3.1.220 AXIOM_GLL.zip)


Find our latest GLL’s here https://www.axiomproaudio.com/index.php?route=account/login