22/11/2023 » Axiom Pro Audio raises the technological bar in professional audio with Powersoft amplification.


Axiom Pro Audio, the completely Made in Italy professional audio brand belonging to the PROEL group, has chosen to rely on Powersoft, global leader in the amplification sector, to further elevate the performance of its speakers. The amplified modules of Powersoft, an Italian company recognized by the pro-audio industry for the innovation, efficiency and quality of its products, will integrate perfectly into the Axiom Pro Audio solutions.

In this way, Axiom aims to further raise the technological level of its speakers and promote ambitious future projects, best addressing the new technological challenges of the audio industry and the rapid evolution in the world of electronic components. All this while staying even closer to the needs of its customers.
This exciting journey started in 2022, foresees a significant step for the end of 2023: the almost complete replacement of the historic proprietary *DA by PROEL technology with Powersoft amplification technology.

The choice to adopt Powersoft is a testament to Axiom's proactive approach to addressing technological challenges with cutting-edge audio solutions, and confirms its commitment to providing superior quality products and extraordinary performance in the professional audio industry.