26/07/2010 » Cina - Hakka World Park


Audio installation at Meizhou's Hakka World Park, multifunction village 

3D movie theater 
3 NEOS152P loudspeakers, a ring of 12 EDGE25PB loudspeakers,2 EDGE121SP subwoofers driven by 3 HPD3000 amplifiers and by four HPD3400PFC amplifiers

Conference Center Multifunction Hall of the Hotel
8 EDGE25PB and 2 NEOS215SP loudspeakers, 1 HPD3400PFC and HPD2000 amplifiers

Conference Hall Audio 
4 EDGE8CXPW, 8 SPARK65CX loudspeakers

Disco Club 
4 NEOS10P loudspeakers

Project and Installation by Suremax