Dual 10” (260mm), High Output, Vertical Array Element

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  • The AX2010P is a new line array element that combines superior sound quality with easiness and flexibility in a simple system with a very convenient price-to-performance ratio. The AX2010P has been designed both for rental live sound applications and for fixed installations and has been engineered for the simplest use possible but without sacrificing anything in sound quality and performance.

    The high frequency range is reproduced by two low-distortion compression drivers, equipped with very light-weight diaphragms. Two transmission line wave-forming waveguides have been used to load the HF drivers, in order to provide a detailed and natural sound and to achieve a long-distance HF projecting capacity. The two 10” woofers employed in the reproduction of the mid-bass range are equipped with very light-weight cones. The lightness of the diaphragm is furthermore improved by the use of aluminum voice coil instead of conventional copper. This ensure a fast reproduction of the mid range and of mid-bass musical passages, improving also the thermal capacity of the voice coil and, consequently, controlling the overall power compression. The two 10” woofers are back loaded by a short hybrid transmission line that minimizes the effect of the box resonances and eliminates the “boxy” mid-bass sound commonly obtained from regular bass-reflex enclosures.

    The AX2010P offers a simple but innovative design in line array elements. The simple concept of the WTW symmetrical design is implemented in an effective way in order to minimize the effects of potential beaming phenomena around the crossover frequency. In order to minimize these effects, many different details have been carefully engineered, the first of them being the choice of the HF driver units. The special light-weight diaphragm used in these drivers features a very low mechanical resonance, thus allowing a relatively low crossover frequency point that is placed in the 900Hz range. Moreover, the orientation of the two woofers allows to minimize the interference effect between them, while the use of a mechanical-acoustic polyurethane filter represents a further help in minimizing the midrange beaming. The crossover filter approach is based on a “Constant Power” technique. Thanks to a particular phase combination between the two ways around the crossover frequency, this approach is able to provide a very stable horizontal coverage and a very stable off-axys sound image, also minimizing unwanted effects around the crossover frequency. The further application of phase linearization techniques, combined to constant power crossover, yield a linear phase response and a coherent time response. This allows for a natural perception of acoustic instruments and voices and for an improved depth of the sound image.

    • High output Line Array element
    • Compact size, very good output-to-weight ratio
    • High-quality, low-compression, low-distortion HF driver
    • Very stable horizontal coverage
    • Transmission Line back loading for clean mid-bass reproduction
    • Natural sound Transmission Line HF projection wave-forming device

    System’s Acoustic Principle: Line Array Element, Short Transmission Line LF Back Loading, Acoustic Transmission Line HF Waveguide
    Frequency Response (±3dB): 75 Hz – 18kHz (Processed)
    Nominal Impedance: 8ohm (LF) + 8ohm (HF)
    Minimum Impedance: 7.5ohm@ 300Hz (LF) 7ohm@2.5kHz (HF)
    Sensitivity (2.83V @ 1m, 2Pi): 99dBSPL (LF) 108dBSPL (HF)
    Horizontal Coverage Angle: 110° (-6dB)
    Vertical Coverage Angle: 10° (-6dB)
    Maximum Peak SPL @ 1m: 138 dB
    LF: Two 10”(260mm), 2.5” (64mm) aluminum voice voil, 16ohm each, paralleled
    HF: Two 1.4” drivers, 2.5” (64mm) edgewound voice coil, titanium diaphragm, 16ohm each, paralleled
    Connector Type: Neutrik® Speakon® NL4 x 2
    Input Wiring: LF = Pin 1+/- HF = Pin 2+/-)
    Continuous AES Pink Noise Power: 700W + 150W
    Program Power: 1400W + 300W
    LF Power Compression
    @ -10dB Power (70W): 0.5dB
    @ -3dB Power (350W): 1.5dB
    @ 0dB Power (700W): 3.2dB
    Physical Dimensions
    Width: 746 mm (29.37”)
    Heigth: 341 mm (13.42”)
    Depth: 530 mm (20.86”)
    Enclosure Material: 15mm, reinforced Phenolic Birch
    Paint: High resistance, water based paint
    Suspension system
    Front Suspension: Aluminum Fast Link structure
    Back Suspension: High Strength Steel with ¼ Fast Pin Net
    Weight: 39.9 Kg (87.96 lbs.)

    3D Model
    KPTAX2012P-3D.dwgTechnical Drawing 3D
    KPTAX2012P.3dsTechnical Drawing 3D
    AX2010P.1.3dsTechnical drawing 3D
    AX2010P.1.dwgTechnical drawing 3D
    AX2010P_SW121HLP_v1_2.zipPresets for PC260
    AX2010P_SW36XFP_v2_2.zipPresets for PC260
    Proel EASE 4_3.zipEASE 4.3 models
    AXIOM_AX Series_v3_2.zipEASE FOCUS 2/3 models
    AX2010P_SW218P_v4_2.zipPresets for PC260
    AX2010P_SW218XP_v2_2.zipPresets for PC260
    EASE_Focus_v3_1_180 AXIOM_GLL.zipEASE FOCUS 3 software and models
    Data Sheet
    AX2010P_data sheet.pdfAX2010P Data Sheet
    Technical Drawing
    KPTAX2012P-2D.dwgTechnical Drawing
    AX2010P.0.dwgTechnical drawing
    User Manual
    FI-0095-03 KPTAX2012P.pdfKPTAX2012P User's Manual English
    AX2010P_UM_ENG.pdfUser's Manual English
    KPTAX2012P KPTAX2012P Flying bar for 12 AX2010
    RAINCOV2010PW RAINCOV2010PW AX2010 rain cover for power connectors
    AXFEETKIT AXFEETKIT Kit made of 6pcs BOARDACF01 foot
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