12”, Passive, 2-way, Full-range, Loudspeaker

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  • The ED120P is a compact, lightweight, two-way passive point source loudspeaker that provides full frequency response and controlled dispersion from an easily manageable enclosure. It is designed for many kinds of foreground sound reinforcement applications requiring high quality sound in an easily portable format.

    The 12” low frequency driver is matched to a 1” high frequency compression driver, both components using aluminium voice coils for low weight and good transient response, with an audiophile-grade passive crossover.

    The ED120P’s non-symmetrical vented enclosure allows it to adapt to multiple portable and fixed applications, such as front-of-house duties on a speaker stand, or pole mounted on an associated subwoofer or, by using the 35° wedge angle, as a powerful stage monitor.

    A key feature of the ED120P is its asymmetrical high frequency coverage pattern, varying from 100° horizontal in the lower part of the horn for more effective near field coverage, and narrowing to 60° horizontal at the top of the horn for more focused coverage in the far field.

    The result is more accurate coverage of a typical auditorium than is possible with a fixed horizontal coverage device. The HF horn is also rotatable through 90° by simply removing four screws and re-aligning the horn, so that in a stage monitor mode the asymmetrical pattern optimises coverage for performers both near to, and further away from, the monitor. This rotatable horn feature also makes it possible to maintain the ideal coverage pattern when the cabinet is installed in a horizontal (landscape) format.

    The 15mm phenolic birch plywood cabinet is provided with a 35mm pole mount, a recessed handle for easy lifting and handing, and M10 and M6 flying points to allow suspension in fixed installations using optional mounting brackets. Two Neutrik® speakON™ NL4 connectors provide input and link connections.

    To extend the system’s low frequency response the ED120P can be complemented by subwoofers from the Axiom SW series such as the SW210P or SW18P.

    The ED120P can be wall mounted in permanent installations either vertically or horizontally using the KPTED120B wall bracket. The wall bracket allows five steps of incremental rotational adjustment to enable the louspeaker to be accurately aimed. When mounted horizontally the loudspeaker’s asymmetrical HF waveguide can be rotated through 90° within the enclosure to maintain the optimum coverage pattern.

    • Passive two-way point source
    • Compact lightweight enclosure
    • 12” woofer, 1.4” HF compression driver
    • Asymmetric HF coverage pattern
    • Rotatable HF horn
    • Non-symmetrical, multi-angled enclosure
    • M10 and M6 flying points
    • Pole mount socket
    • Black or white finish

    • Corporate and A/V
    • TV and broadcast
    • Stage monitoring
    • Near fill and front fill
    • Live music venues
    • Nightclubs and bars
    • House of Worship

    System’s Acoustic Principle 2-way vented enclosure
    Frequency Response (-6dB) 65 Hz - 17 kHz
    Nominal Impedance 8 Ohm
    Horizontal Coverage Angle 60° to 100° asymmetric, (-6dB)
    Vertical Coverage Angle averaged, 1kHz to 20kHz (-6dB)
    Sensitivity 2.83V 97 dB SPL @ 1m
    Maximum (peak) Output 128 dB SPL @ 1m
    HF 1.4" exit, neodymium magnet compression driver - 2.4" Aluminum VC
    LF 12" ferrite magnet low frequency woofer - 3" aluminum VC
    Connector Type  Neutrik® Speakon® NL4MP x 2 (1+/1- signal IN & LINK ; 2+/2- thru)
    Power rating (AES) 680 W
    Power rating (program) 1360 W
    Width 360 mm
    Height 610 mm
    Depth 310 mm
    Taper Stage Monitor: 35° - Frontfill: 7.5°
    Enclosure Material 15mm, reinforced phenolic birch
    Paint High resistance, black or white water based paint
    Flying system M10 / M6 flying points or dedicated metal brackets
    Net Weight 18 kg (39.6 lb)
    3D Model
    ED120P-3D.dwgTechnical Drawing 3D
    ED120P-3D.3dsTechnical Drawing 3D
    AXIOM_ED120_v1_0.zipEASE models
    Data Sheet
    ED120P datasheet 2018.pdfData Sheet
    Technical Drawing
    ED120P-2D.dwgTechnical Drawing
    KPTED120B_C-Shape Bracket_rev.dwgTechnical Drawing 2D
    User Manual
    FI-0150-01 KPTED120B.pdfKPTED120B User's Manual
    ED120P_UM_ENG.pdfUser's Manual
    KPTLTP KPTLTP Bracket for LTX
    COVERED120 COVERED120 Cover for ED120
    KPTED120B KPTED120B C-bracket for ED120P