12” (305mm), 2-way, full-range, CORE Processed, Powered, Constant Curvature Array Element

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  • AX1012 is a versatile constant curvature full-range element that can be used to create both vertical and horizontal line source arrays and also as a high-directivity point-source loudspeaker.

    • Powered Constant Curvature Array Element
    • 12” woofer,1.4” HF neodymium compression driver
    • Constant curvature Seamless Transition Waveguide (SWT) with 100° H x 20° V dispersion
    • Class D amplifier module with SMPS
    • 96KHz / 40 bit floating point CORE processing with PRONET remote control
    • Integral suspension hardware for horizontal or vertical array installation
    • Pole mounting available for free-standing applications
    • Passive versione available (AX1012P)

    The 1.4” high frequency compression driver is coupled to STW - Seamless Transition Waveguide, which ensures a precise control of mid-high frequencies both on horizontal and vertical axis, for a perfect acoustic coupling between the enclosures that form the array. The unique waveguide design produces vertical line source directivity with a horizontal pattern that is maintained down to approximately 950Hz. This allows to project clean music and vocals evenly around the audience without hot-spots and dead-spots. The sharp SPL off-axis rejection is used to avoid reflecting surfaces in the enclosure coupling plane and perfectly adjusts the acoustic coverage to the audience geometry.
    Phase interactions between traditional stand-alone Point Source loudspeakers featuring poor directionality, make it difficult to achieve consistent and lobe-free dispersion. This phenomena produces destructive interferences that affect the tonal balance, claritiy and intelligibility at many listening positions. Thank to the Seamless Transition Waveguide the system designer or sound engineer can build true line source horizontal or vertical arrays in 20° building blocks with seamless integration between cabinets.

    The AX1012 tour-grade 15mm phenolic birch plywood cabinet is provided with four integrated steel rails, to be used for coupling the cabinets with the KPTAX1012 aluminium Coupling Bars.
    A comprehensive set of accessories is available for creating horizontal or vertical arrays, for ground-stacking the systems and also for pole mounting one or two units.
    The KPTAX1012H is a coupling bar to be used to fly the AX1012 in an horizontal array.
    The KPTAX1012T Suspension Bar allows an array of up to 6 units to be installed using a single suspension point.
    The KPAX1012V is a flying bar than be used to create a vertical array of up to 6 units. It can be used also for down-firing arrays.
    The KPAX265 Pole Adapter and the KP010 Tilt Adapter allows the AX1012 to be installed on a pole, with the possbility to tilt the cabinet in order to aim the sound to the audience.

    AX1012 arrays deliver seamless coverage only to desired areas minimizing unwanted reflections of walls and surfaces or avoiding interactions with other sound systems, with the stage or with other areas. Multiple units in a horizontal array, for example, allow to shape the radiation pattern in slices of 20°, providing exceptional flexibility in the construction of the desired coverage angle. In this way, even a center array with 360° coverage angle can be assmebled very easily.
    To extend the system’s low frequency response the AX1012 can be complemented by sub-woofers from the Axiom SW series such as SW18A, SW1800A or SW218XA.
    AX1012 is recommended for the use as indoor FOH (Left – Centre - Right systems) or outdoor FOH in small to medium-sized events. It can be used also as a complement to large systems as Out-fill, In-fill or distributed fill applications in a wide range of venue, providing clear sound to areas not fully reached by the main system, while minimizing unwanted interactions and room reflections.

    • Sound reinforcement in small-to-medium-size live venues.
    • Side-fill, Out-fill or In-fill applications
    • Down-firing array systems
    • Delay systems in stadia and arenasTheatres
    • Corporate & A/V
    • Theme parks
    • Houses of Worship
    • Leisure and Fitness

    The system processing is based on the CORE DSP platform designed by the PROEL R&D Laboratories using one of the most advanced SHARC DSP for audio application. It features 40bit, 96kHz floating point resolution and top quality 24bit AD/DA converters for perfect signal integrity, dynamic range in excess of 110dB and superior sonic performance.
    Thanks to its massive processing power, the CORE platform is capable of providing the most sophisticated algorithms for speaker processing, together with remote control and networking capability.
    The PRONET AX control software, working on a solid and reliable CANBUS based network protocol, provides an intuitive interface for the remote control of the whole system, with the possibility of EQing, delaying, managing the protection functions, and monitoring the status of the amplifier.
    Three different operating modes are provided: SETUP, EDIT, and LIVE; these can be chosen depending on whether systems are to be set up for the first time, units are to be edited individually, or operated under live conditions.
    The interface allows different choices of information or features to be displayed or selected on the unit’s control panels and provides a method of fast Group assignment. The software allows the easy creation of arrays of AXIOM loudspeakers and global control of volume, mute and EQ functions for each array.
    Snapshots of the system can be loaded or saved, including a specific unit’s position on the desktop and all the parameters of the whole system.

    The AX1012A is powered by a DA SERIES power module, a new generation of CLASS D power amplifier with SMPS. The innovative technology used for these amplifiers offers top-of-the-range performances, such as a superior sound definition at any audio frequency, very high dynamics even for low level signals, and very low distortion even at maximum power.
    Output power is optimised specifically to the drive units for efficient power transfer, with the low frequency section producing 900 watts while 300 watts is available for the high frequency compression driver.
    Input and link connections are via balanced 3-pin XLR connectors, and a ground lift switch is provided for hum-free operation. Mains power is connected through a locking Neutrik PowerCON, and a Power Out connector allows mains power to be linked to additional AX1012A cabinets.

    System’s Acoustic Principle Constant Curvature Array Element
    Frequency Response (-6dB) 65 Hz – 17 kHz (processed)
    Horizontal Coverage Angle 100° (-6dB)
    Vertical Coverage Angle 20° (-6dB)
    Maximum (peak) Output 134 dB SPL @ 1m
    LF 12" ferrite magnet low frequency woofer - 3" aluminum VC
    HF 1.4" exit, neodymium magnet compression driver - 2.4" Aluminum VC
    Input Impedance 20 kΩ balanced, 10 kΩ unbalanced
    Input Sensitivity  +4dBu / 1.25 V
    Signal Processing CORE processing, 96kHz / 40bit floating point SHARC DSP
    24 bit AD/DA converters
    Direct access Controls 4 Presets (SINGLE/MID-THROW/LONG-THROW/USER)
    Network Termination, GND Link
    Remote Control PRONET control software
    Network protocol CANBUS 
    Amplifier Type Class D with SMPS
    Output Power 900W + 300W 
    Mains Voltage Range (Vac) 230V ±15% - 115 ±15%  50/60Hz (internally selectable)
    IN / OUT Connectors Neutrik XLR-M / XLR-F
    IN / OUT Network Connectors ETHERCON®(NE8FAV)
    Mains Input Connector PowerCon® (NAC3MPA)
    Mains Link Connector PowerCon® (NAC3MPB)
    Cooling Variable speed DC fan
    Width 246 mm (9.7")
    Height 611 mm (24.0")
    Depth 500 mm (19.7")
    Enclosure Material 15mm, reinforced phenolic birch
    Paint High resistance, water based paint
    Flying system Captive suspension system
    Net Weight 34.5 kg (76 lbs)
    3D Model
    KPTAX1012V_3D.dwgTechnical Drawing KPTAX1012V 3D
    AX1012A_3D.dwgTechnical Drawing 3D
    KPTAX1012H_3D.dwgTechnical Drawing KPTAX1012H 3D
    KPTAX1012_3D.dwgTechnical Drawing KPTAX1012 3D
    KPTAX1012T_3D.dwgTechnical Drawing KPTAX1012T 3D
    BR_AX1012CAT19IE.pdfAX1012 Brochure
    Presets AX1012A.zipAX1012A presets
    AX1012A_GLL_EASE.zipAX1012A EASE models
    Data Sheet
    AX1012A datasheet 2019.pdfAX1012A Data Sheet
    Technical Drawing
    AX1012A_2D.dwgTechnical Drawing
    KPTAX1012.dwgTechnical Drawing KPTAX1012
    KPTAX1012T.dwgTechnical Drawing KPTAX1012T
    KPTAX1012H.dwgTechnical Drawing KPTAX1012H
    KPTAX1012V.dwgTechnical Drawing KPTAX1012V
    User Manual
    FI-0161-00 KPTAX1012V_2019-09-30.pdfKPTAX1012V Instructions
    FI-0160-00 KPTAX1012T.pdfKPTAX1012T Instructions
    FI-0159-00 KPTAX1012H.pdfKPTAX1012H Instructions
    AX1012A_UM_ENG_2019-09-30.pdfAX1012A User's Manual
    KP010 KP010 Professional heavy-duty adapter, made of aluminum alloy, suitable for stands with Ø 35 mm end tube
    KPAX265 KPAX265 Pole Adaptor
    USB2CAND USB2CAND USB to CAN converter with two network connectors
    KPTAX1012H KPTAX1012H AX1012 Horizontal Array Flying Bar
    KPTAX1012V KPTAX1012V AX1012 Vertical Array Flying Bar
    KPTAX1012T KPTAX1012T AX1012 Suspension Bar