processed active subwoofer

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  • The SW121A direct-radiating 21' subwoofer completes bass response with an impressive excursion control and amazing power handling. Its sturdy double silicon spider (DDS) mechanical cone suspension system, the double demodulating rings (DDR) and the over-damped enclosure provide a great deal of defined and well controlled energy at low frequencies. A passive version is also available (EDGE SW121P). Dedicated controls: - INFRA LPF: lowers the crossover frequency when used as INFRASUB - MULTIPLE UNITS EQ: reduces the increase in level of the upper low frequency range (80 Hz) due to the simultaneous use of two or more systems - EXTENDED LOW: extends response at low frequencies

    [Amplifier Continuous Power: 1500 W]
    [System type: processed active subwoofer]
    [Input Impedance: LINE: 20 kohm balanced, 10 kohm unbalanced]
    [Frequency response: 32 Hz - 80 Hz (-3 dB, +6 dB)]
    [Input Sensitivity: LINE: +4 dBu / 1.25 V]
    [Maximum (peak) Output:131 ]
    [Low Frequency Device: 21' neodymium woofer - 5,3' voice coil]
    [Power Supply: 230 V AC 50Hz or 117 V AC 60 Hz]
    [Power consumption: 510 VA (1/8 max output power)]
    [Maximum Power Consumption: 2000 VA]
    [Cooling: Heat sink and variable speed DC fan]
    [Connectors: IN - LINK: XLR M - XLR F
    MAIN: PowerCon® (NAC3MPA)
    MAIN LINK: PowerCon® (NAC3MPB)]
    [Construction: 18 mm birch plywood, internally reinforced]
    [Cabinet Colour: Black]
    [Mounting Pole: 1]
    [Weight:62.5 lb ]
    [Dimensions (W x H x D): 58.4 x 76.5 x 81.0 cm]