Dual 18" (460mm), Very High Output, Manifolded Bandpass, Flyable Subwoofer

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  • Designed to be flown with AX2010P line array modules, the SW36XFP provides an elegant solution to delivering ‘bass in the sky’ from a flown cluster, with usable response down to 36 Hz. When positioned at the top of the array its integrated rigging hardware mates with the AX2010P and the curved grille profile also matches the AX2010, forming a neat and unobtrusive cluster. Offering impressive efficiency from a compact cabinet, the SW36XFP uses a combination of manifold and bandpass loading techniques to achieve an impressive 143 dB peak output. Its dual 18” low frequency drivers feature 4” Tetracoil dual voice coils, which have the equivalent performance to a single 6” voice coil.

    System’s Acoustic Principle: Manifolded Band Pass
    Frequency Response (±3dB): 36 Hz - 100Hz (Processed)
    Frequency Range (±10dB): 28 Hz - 300Hz (Unprocessed)
    Nominal Impedance: 8 Ω + 8 Ω
    Maximum Peak SPL @ 1m: 143 dB
    Type: Two 18” (460mm), 4” (100mm) VC
    Cone: Water repellent cone and epoxy coated plates
    Voice Coil Type: 100mm (4in) Tetracoil dual voice coil, equivalent to a single coil diameter larger than 152mm (>6in)
    Suspension: Ultra linear suspension behavior
    Connector Type: Neutrik® Speakon® NL4 x 2
    Input Wiring: LF1 = Pin 1+/-; LF2 = Pin 2+/-
    Continuous AES Pink Noise Power : 1800W + 1800W 
    Program Power: 3600W + 3600W 
    Peak Power: 7000W + 7000W 
    Power Compression     
    @ -10dB Power: 0.6dB 
    @ -3dB Power: 2.0dB 
    @ 0dB Power: 3.4dB
    Width: 74.5 cm
    Height: 82.5 cm
    Depth: 60 cm
    Depth Including Wheels: 72.5 cm
    Enclosure Material: 15mm, reinforced phenolic birch
    Paint: High resistance, water based paint
    Suspension system    
    Side Suspension: High Strength Steel with ¼ Fast Pin
    Back Suspension: High Strength Steel with ¼ Fast Pin
    Wheels: 4 heavy-load 100mm ø
    Net Weight: 87.4 kg (192.7 lbs) without heavy duty wheels

    3D Model
    KPTSW36X-3D.dwgTechnical Drawing 3D
    SW36XFP-3D.dwgTechnical Drawing 3D
    SW36XFP.3dsTechnical Drawing 3D
    KPTSW36X.3dsTechnical Drawing 3D
    AXIOM_AX Series_v3_2.zipEASE FOCUS 2/3 models
    AX2010P_SW36XFP_v2_2.zipPresets for PC260
    AXIOM_SW36XF_v1_0.zipEASE Focus 3 models
    EASE_Focus_v3_1_180 AXIOM_GLL.zipEASE FOCUS 2/3 software and models
    Data Sheet
    SW36XFP.pdfTechnical Data Sheet
    Technical Drawing
    KPTSW36X-2D.dwgTechnical Drawing
    SW36XFP-2D.dwgTechnical Drawing
    User Manual
    FI-0118-01 KPTSW36.pdfKPTSW36 User's Manual English
    SW36XFP_UM_ENG.pdfUser's Manual English
    AXFEETKIT AXFEETKIT Kit made of 6pcs BOARDACF01 foot
    KPTSW36XF KPTSW36XF Flying bar for SW36X + AX2010