2 x 3.5” Passive Two-way Full Range Loudspeaker

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  • Designed for near-field sound reinforcement applications such as television, stage front, conferencing, theatres, and audio-visual, the ED23PMKII is an ultra-compact passive two-way loudspeaker that can be used either on its own or in small loudspeaker arrays creating even and seamless
    coverage. Its two 3.5” woofers and high frequency dome tweeter with Spherical Wave Guide Horn are arranged in a WTW linear enclosure configuration to give a wide dispersion pattern that works well in fixed installations using a minimal number of units, allowing widely spaced units to cover large spaces with high quality background sound.
    The cabinet is trapezoidally shaped, and also asymmetrical, and this profile not only allows the assembly of small clusters using the integral flypoints, but also enables it to be suspended horizontally very close to a ceiling or placed on a stage front as a low profile monitor.
    Due to its very low profile, the ED23PMKII is an ideal stage lip monitor, and especially useful for fashion show catwalks where it can be unobtrusively provide alternate inwards / outwards coverage for both audience and presenters.
    The ED23P features high quality passive crossovers for efficient use of available amplifier power and simplicity of operation.

    • WTW configuration with a Spherical Wave Guide Horn (SWGH)
    • FEA computer modelled horn profile
    • Ultra-compact size
    • Easily configurable in small arrays

    System’s Acoustic Principle 2-way vented enclosure
    Frequency Response (±6dB) 200 Hz - 20 kHz
    Nominal Impedance 32 ohm
    Horizontal Coverage Angle 80° averaged, 1 kHz to 20 kHz, (-6 dB)
    Vertical Coverage Angle 65° averaged, 1 kHz to 20 kHz (-6 dB)
    Sensitivity 90 dB SPL @ 1m
    Maximum Peak 112 dB SPL @ 1m
    HF Dome tweeter with spherical waveguide horn SWGH
    LF 2 x 3.5'' woofer
    Connector Type  Neutrik® Speakon® NL4MP x 2
    Input Power Rating (AES) 70 W
    Input Power Rating (Program) 140 W
    Width 13.8 cm
    Height 32 cm
    Depth 19.8 cm
    Monitor taper 20°
    Enclosure Material 15mm birch plywood
    Paint Black water based paint
    Flying system 2 x M8 top, bottom - 2 x M5 rear
    Net Weight 6.4 kg (14.1 lbs)
    3D Model
    KPTLTP_3D.dwgKPTLTP Technical Drawing
    ED23-3D.dwgED23P Technical Drawing
    ED23-3D.3dsED23P Technical Drawing
    AXIOM_ED23_v1_0.zipED23P Ease Models
    Data Sheet
    ED23P datasheet 2018.pdfED23P Data Sheet
    Technical Drawing
    KPTLTP_2D.dwgKPTLTP Technical Drawing
    ED23_2D.dwgED23P Technical Drawing
    User Manual
    FI-0123-00 KPTED23.pdfKPTED23 User's Manual
    ED23PMKII_UM_ENG-rev2.pdfED23P User's Manual
    KPTLTP KPTLTP Bracket for LTX
    KPTED23B KPTED23B Wall mounting ‘C’ bracket for ED23P